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Showing 2 posts from February 2014.

Senators Lugar and Nunn discuss global security issues at the University of Indianapolis

Tuesday night at the University of Indianapolis, former Senators Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn reflected on their experiences creating and sustaining the landmark Nunn-Lugar program. Responding to questions from moderator Steve Inskeep of National Public Radio, they also offered their views on numerous current global security issues, including the upheaval in Ukraine, efforts to constrain Iran’s nuclear program, and the future of the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty).... Read More

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Expectations for the President’s 2015 Budget

The President’s 2015 budget is scheduled for release on March 4.  This marks another year that its release has been delayed despite provisions in the Budget Impoundment and Control Act of 1974 that designates the first Monday in February for its submission to Congress.  This year’s delay largely reflects late congressional action in completing the 2014 budget and appropriations processes. Of course, late budget releases inevitably contribute to the end of the fiscal year deadline (September 30) also being ignored.... Read More

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