The event in Indianapolis occurred in the context of extraordinary events in Ukraine that would be far more dangerous if the Nunn-Lugar Program had not provided the means -- more than two decades ago -- for removing nuclear weaponry from that country, as well as from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Nunn and Lugar warned of the complexities of a rapidly evolving threat environment in which state actors may no longer have a monopoly over nuclear weapons, cyber attacks could complicate deterrence, the risks posed by chemical and biological weapons could expand, and accidental war is still a grave possibility.

Among other steps, they urged much more frequent contacts with Russia, an enhanced debate in the United States on the implications of cyber warfare, and a renewed commitment to implementing the NPT.

For anyone concerned with arms control and the role of the United States in global security, Tuesday’s conversation offered numerous insights on the dangers we face and how we might address them.

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Senators Lugar and Nunn discuss the Nunn-Lugar Program and global security issues at the University of Indianapolis