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Showing 3 posts from March 2021.

What the Bipartisan Index says about the future of the GOP

More than a month out from the U.S. Senate’s acquittal of former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, a vote in which seven Republican senators joined all fifty Democrats in finding Trump guilty of inciting the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the path forward for the GOP seems unclear. Will they continue to be the party of Trump, the first president in nearly three decades to lose his reelection bid, or are they capable of charting a new path, away from the former president?... Read More

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Senators call for stronger Cardin-Lugar rule from SEC

Two influential Democratic Senators, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Ben Cardin of Maryland, are calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to strengthen the weak regulation it approved late last year implementing the Cardin-Lugar anticorruption amendment, which requires oil and gas companies to report publicly their payments to governments.... Read More

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The Biden Interim National Security Strategic Guidance: An Opening for Development Advocates

A core belief at The Lugar Center is that “when properly administered, development assistance remains a bargain for U.S. national security and for our own economic and moral standing in the world.”  Apparently, President Joe Biden and his team are in complete, even enthusiastic, agreement!... Read More

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