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Showing 2 posts from April 2017.

Voluntary Family Planning: A Key Component of Effective U.S. Foreign Assistance and National Security Policy

Let’s face it. We are, in the early portion of the Trump Presidency, in a period of foreign policy contentiousness in the United States: Russia; China; Iran; international trade; how to view refugees; ISIS; Israeli settlements; North Korea; Trans-Atlantic relations. The list of potential flash-points seems endless. ... Read More

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“If you’re not reporting on oil money, you’re undermining our national security” - Why it’s important to fight global corruption through extractives transparency

Corruption in developing countries is a leading cause of violent extremism, including the international terrorism that directly threatens the United States. For the West to counter such threats from radical groups, we have to address the root causes of extremism, which means, “Tackling corruption must be a first-order priority.”... Read More

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