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Bipartisan WMD Dialogue Project


The Arms Control Association and The Lugar Center have partnered to establish the Bipartisan Nuclear and WMD Policy Dialogue Project to help foster bipartisan discussion on timely security issues. The program does not seek any policy outcome or enactment of any legislation. Our mission is to provide a forum where senior national security staff across committee jurisdictions and party affiliations can establish relationships and a basis for working together more effectively, as well as increase the overall knowledge base and awareness of WMD risks and risk reduction strategies.

Established in November 2013, the Project organizes a series of private dinners and congressional briefings on specific topics of interest to Republican and Democratic congressional staff. These events are off the record, emphasize constructive dialogue, and provide a forum for staff to engage high profile speakers. Topics will include:

  • Preventing a nuclear-armed Iran
  • Preventing nuclear terrorism (Cooperative Threat Reduction)
  • Reversing North Korea’s nuclear program
  • Nuclear force modernization
  • Engaging China and other nuclear armed states in the nuclear risk reduction process
  • Controlling the nuclear fuel cycle

For more information, please contact Jay Branegan at jay@thelugarcenter.org.

The project is made possible with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.