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The Lugar Center is dedicated to proposing solutions to global problems that will define the 21st Century. The Center seeks to educate the public, global policymakers, and future leaders on critical issues such as food and energy security, controlling weapons of mass destruction, and effective governance. It provides a forum for timely commentary by respected experts. The Center is committed to thoughtful analysis and civil dialogue that facilitate bipartisan governance.

Senator Lugar discusses ISIS in Iraq and Syria on Bloomberg TV

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Senator Lugar ranked #1 on Howey Politics 20th Anniversary Power 50 List

By: Howey Politics Indiana | 17-Oct-2014
Journalists write the so-called first draft of history. Some of us join the true historians, step back and reevaluate the early takes. With Howey Politics Indiana observing its 20th Anniversary this year, it was appropriate to take that step back, go through past editions and make some new assessments. . . . . READ MORE

Lugar Leadership Series celebrates 25 years of training female politicians

By: WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis | 13-Oct-2014
INDIANAPOLIS - Tuesday was an important day for the hundreds of women who have participated in the Lugar Leadership Series. It marked the 25th anniversary of the group setup by former Senator Richard Lugar 25 years ago with the goal of encouraging the participation of women in politics. . . . . READ MORE

TLC Senior Fellow Tom Moore comments on ISIS weaponry

By: The Center for Public Integrity | 06-Oct-2014
An independent arms monitoring group has collected evidence that fighters in the Middle Eastern extremist group known as the Islamic State, labeled a “network of death” by President Obama, are using weapons and ammunition manufactured in at least 21 different countries, including China, Russia, and the United States. . . . . READ MORE


What’s Next for Niger?

By: Lori Groves Rowley | 13-Oct-2014
It’s a busy fall on the food security front. In September the United Nations through its Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) released The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014 (SOFI 2014) in which it reported that about 805 million people suffer from chronic hunger. This incomprehensibly high number actually represents progress. Since more than 26 countries and a host of NGOs began making initial funding commitment to support global agriculture development in 2009 at the G-8 meeting in L’Aquila, Italy, the number of people suffering from chronic hunger has been edging downward – from 842 million last year and just over a billion in 2012. . . . . READ MORE

New Report on U.S. Food Aid Programs Confirms Urgent Need for Reform

By: Senator Richard G. Lugar | 03-Oct-2014
Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications in conjunction with USA Today has just released a series of reports on the U.S. food aid program. These reports add to the bounty of governmental and non-governmental studies citing the incredible shipping expenses associated with these programs. The reports confirm that rational reforms would save the lives of many people in desperate circumstances, as well as reducing costs for taxpayers. Unfortunately, these reforms are opposed by special interests that benefit financially from these inefficiencies. . . . . READ MORE

Transparency Really Does Matter

By: Lori Rowley and Diana Ohlbaum | 24-Sep-2014
Transparency really does matter. It is through data and evidence that we hold ourselves mutually accountable for the successful outcomes of U.S. foreign assistance, paving the way toward a more stable, prosperous and secure world. . . . . READ MORE

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