TLC Update: Foreign Aid Effectiveness and Global Food Security

The Lugar Center Helped Lead a Coalition of Organizations

September 22, 2017

Foreign Aid Effectiveness

The TLC Foreign Aid Effectiveness team stayed busy working to ensure that US foreign assistance programs reach the most people, have the greatest impact, and support US global leadership while being respectful of American taxpayers. As the Trump administration undertakes a review of all government programs for greater efficiencies and to remove redundancies, The Lugar Center helped lead a coalition of organizations through the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) to create a consensus on what a redesign of aid programs should resemble. More than 170 organizations and expert individuals have now endorsed these Principles. Next, TLC Senior Fellow and MFAN Co-Chair, Connie Veillette, co-authored a proposal on how to redesign US aid programs and agencies to achieve greater impact and efficiencies by removing duplicative agencies, functions and programs. Both documents are being considered on Capitol Hill and within the administration.

Global Food Security

TLC launched a program with the 2016 class of the Lugar Series in collaboration with ACDI/VOCA on a Lugar Series funded project in Liberia. For their class project the 2016 class raised $10,000 for a project that would honor Senator Lugar through support to small holder women farmers in ways that raised their incomes and incorporated bioforestry and biodiviersity protection techniques, two areas of Senator Lugar’s long interest. The project is halfway through and showing great signs of success, so much so that ACDI/VOCA has expressed an interest in seeking additional funding to keep the project going past its initially funded year.